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Why Prepare a Will?

A will is the only way you can leave instructions regarding the distribution of your earthly belongings when you’re gone. Whether your final wishes are respected depends on whether you have a will, what it says, and whether it is worded correctly. A will is a legal document that governs your estate – all of […]

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Buying a Condo? What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself

Condominium living provides many amazing benefits: affordability, less maintenance, security, and sometimes even amenities right under your own roof.  However, there are aspects of condominium living that you must consider before you dive into residential real estate ownership and more particularly, condo life. For example, shared ownership, governing bylaws, and annual reports. What does this […]

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Named as Executor in a Will? Why You May Need a Grant of Probate!

An executor of a deceased person’s estate is responsible to settle the deceased’s affairs and distribute the deceased’s assets in accordance with their will.  However, before the executor can distribute the deceased’s property, they may be required to obtain a grant of probate from the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta. Obtaining a grant of […]

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Does Your Corporation Have A Minute Book?

All corporations, large or small, should maintain a complete and up-to-date corporate minute book.  A corporate minute book contains all of the important records of the corporation relating to directors, shareholders, officers and major corporate decisions.  Some of the important corporate documents contained in a corporate minute book include the articles of incorporation, by-laws, share […]

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