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Do I need my own insurance policy if I own a condominium unit?

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In Alberta, every condominium corporation is required to take out and maintain insurance on the common property and the individual units against perils such as fire, hail and flood.

This insurance typically covers the common property and the structural elements of the units.  The unit owners share in the premiums for the condominium corporation’s insurance through their monthly condominium fees.

Unless specifically required by the Bylaws for that condominium corporation, the condominium corporation’s insurance may not cover improvements within the units.  Further, this insurance does not typically cover the contents of the unit nor the owners personal belongings.

For this reason, we at KH/Dunkley Law Group recommend that owners of condominium units take out and maintain their own condominium unit owners policy.  When considering such a policy, a unit owner should consider obtaining coverage for items such as:

  • The unit owner’s contents and personal belongings;
  • Any deductible in the condominium corporation’s insurance policy which the unit owner may become liable to pay;
  • Improvements and betterments made to the unit; and
  • Accommodation costs in the event the unit owner is forced to vacate the unit due to damage.

This is not an exhaustive list, but gives a general idea of the things to consider when looking for a unit owner’s policy.

For more information, please feel free to contact our office.

This memorandum is for informational purposes only, does not constitute legal advice or an opinion, and does not create a solicitor-client relationship. This is an overview and is not intended to be a complete and exhaustive explanation of the concepts covered. This information may become inaccurate based on passage of time or changes in the law. Nothing herein should be relied upon without seeking the advice of a lawyer.

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Written by Khalil Haji

Khalil is the principal lawyer of KH | Dunkley Law Group. He is experienced in all areas of the law serviced by KH | Dunkley Law Group, with extensive experience in residential and commercial real estate transactions, commercial financing transactions, development and condominium law, mobile home transactions, leasing, purchases and sales of businesses, contract drafting, and wills and estate administration.
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